Your full-service home & office technology partner

Our Vision is to build partnerships

We want to help business owners make the most of their IT resources and use it to streamline and improve the effectiveness of their staff. Further to that we want to deliver outstanding IT services at fair prices, wrapped in exceptional customer service.

What we do?

We’ve been helping London Homes & Businesses leverage technology
to achieve their goals for over 13 Years.

Long Term Relationships

Think of Forest City Nerds as your trusted technology advisor. We’ll build a relationship with you and show you how you can use technology in a strategic way to make your business goals a reality.

Innovative Solutions

Our team of solutions specialists custom-tailor strategies that provide you with the technology and tools to meet your needs. We go beyond the traditional and do not confine ourselves to the “out-of-the-box” thinking that doesn’t always meet your needs or expectations.

Cloud Infrastructure Design

Our scalable IT solutions can increase productivity and improve security. Using our cloud computing IT services gives your company a way to improve your technology capability without the need to invest in all new equipment or retrain employees to use new software programs.

Unbeatable Response Time

When you have a problem that needs immediate attention you shouldn’t have to wait around to get a resolution.  Our team works proactively to prevent IT problems and will respond quickly if problems DO occur.

Preventing Disasters

Don’t put your company at risk by failing to secure your critical business data. Our backup and disaster recovery solutions will give your company a bulletproof vest to shield you from business disasters!

Strategic Consulting

Meet and exceed your business goals with our IT consulting services, which include helping you grow and expand your business without upfront excessive expenses. We believe it’s possible to expand your business into other locations or add employees across the country without adding onto your expenses.


Contact Us

Have a question, pricing inquiry, or would like to schedule an appointment?  E-mail info@forestcitynerds.ca to notify one of our Nerds and you will receive a response shortly.